2018 Youth Guild Recital

The 2018 Youth Guild Recital will be held at The Waterford School on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 7 pm. Auditions were held on March 9 and 10.  Congratulations to everyone who performed in this year's auditions. 

After the audition results were posted, we leared that the Bear Quartet (Rachel Call, Ellen Hayashi, Abby Smith, and Benson Marshall) was invited to the St. Paul Chamber Competition which happens to be on the same day as our recital.  Additionally, Rachel Call  had been chosen to perform a violin solo, but her participation in the Bear Quartet also makes this impossible.  We are very excited that they will have this opportunity and are pleased to announce some changes in the performers for our recital.   Students selected to perform on this year's recital are:

Hannah Baker, piano
Matthew Baker, guitar
Isabella Bueno, piano
Caroline Maude Durham, violin
Makenzie Hart, violin
Soonyoung Kwon, violin
Dora Meiwes, piano
Matthew Nielson, piano
Olivia Owens, violin
Sarah Sun, piano
John Zhao, piano
Duet of Mathew Lee, violin, and Mackie Moore, viola
Duet of Nathan Blanchard and Stella Wadsworth, cellos

Students receiving Honorable Mention in the auditions are:

Alina Baron
Carolin Durham
Horace Gao
Suzannah Rose
Zoe Schramm
Megan Tandar
James VanDam

Piano judges were Hilary Demske, Kimi Kawashima and Frank Weinstock.

Judges for all other instruments were Hannah Linz, Lynn Rosen and Louis-Philippe Robillard

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