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Meet the musicians. Hear them play. Learn about opera.

Join the musicians of the Utah Symphony as they share their personal stories and their instruments' roles in the orchestra. Then, listen to them play a solo and an excerpt of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. Join our Utah Opera Resident artists as they discuss opera performance and their individual voice types. 


Navigating Orchestra (and other) Websites

 There are many websites with creative, fun and interesting materials and activities. The websites, with their URLs are listed below.  And be sure to check in regularly with the Utah Symphony blog, especially the musician highlights: .

Exploring For Younger Ages

 Get Inspired

  • From the Top: Check out the Music to Me video created by From the Top. It is a "4-minute video designed to inspire young musicians to reach for the stars. A wide variety of young musicians talk about why they play and what music means to them." This is a video clip that can be revisited with the same 'recharge your batteries' effect each time.
  • Dream Out Loud:
    The Institute of the Chicago Symphony includes the Dream Out Loud Music Education Advocacy Campaign which utilizes the unique individual stories of Chicago Symphony Orchestra members to inspire young musicians to continue their musical studies and to stick with it during periods of challenge or frustration.
  • Utah Opera Behind the Scenes:
    Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes before the curtain rises at Utah Opera? We’ve got a captivating video on our Opera website. It’s a montage – very well done – of all the pre-show activity.
  • The Landfill Harmonic: .  Dedicated and creative adults in Paraguay have found a way to provide musical instruments for children by making them from trash.  A remarkable testament to the human spirit and the power of music!  
  • Do kids and classical music go together?  From the looks of this video, we'd say the answer is yes!
  • Keys of Inspiration: . The Lang Lang International Music Foundation's education initiative, Keys of Inspiration, is a three-year public school partnership designed to encourage piano performance at all levels.
  • An ambitious classical music program in Bolivia inspires at-risk children to dream of a better future through the sounds of Vivaldi and Verdi.
  • Discover the basics of music, classical masterpieces, and the instruments of the orchestra with the all-star orchestra: 





If you have questions or would like more information about how to use these websites, call Beverly Hawkins at 801-869-9092.

Polyphonic On Campus: by young musicians for young musicians, this newly launched site has items of interest at their Vlogs, Articles and Community videos.Naxos Licensing: Licensing has a Music Sample feature on their website that changes every month. It's a nice way to sample unfamiliar music or to be reminded of the music you've come to love. Check it out!The Discovery Orchestra Music Chats: Marriner Maull is the Music Director of the Discovery Orchestra. As part of his education efforts, he has created an extensive series of Discovery Chats about a wide variety of musical topics.   They’re short and informative.TED Talks:  The Importance of Live Arts: .  In this episode of TED Talks, Ben Cameron speaks about the continued need for and relevance of the performing arts. Carnegie Hall:! Check out this resource from Carnegie Hall. An online library of past masterclasses and workshops. An absolute musical gold mineTED Talks: This is a TED Talks by Michael Tilson Thomas called Music and Emotion Through Time.
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