Children's Opera Showcase

Mama Paquita


6:30 PM

Rose Wagner

Utah Opera presents a celebration of original opera projects in Utah elementary schools. These projects are developed in the classroom under the direction of the teachers and written and composed by the students(with help from composers sponsored by Utah Opera). Three schools' productions, evolving out of the teachers' experience in the "Music! Words! Opera!" workshop, are highlighted each April in performance in the Jeanné Wagner Theatre at the Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Salt Lake City. This year's Showcase will take place in the Jeanné Wagner Theatre.

Paula Fowler, Director of Education and Community Outreach, believes that the Children's Opera Showcase challenges students to develop a variety of skills. "When students are involved with their teachers in an original opera project, they improve their skills in all the arts involved as well as in the skill of collaboration," says Fowler. "They work together to come up with a story, write text that will be sung and spoken, and create melodies and sounds that will express the emotions of each scene." Students gain much from accomplishing this challenging task, according to Fowler. "One student working on an opera project about the American Revolution a few years ago told her teacher that the class couldn't write a particular song until they figured out how the people involved in the incident felt. Students know both the frustration of trying to find their way to an expression that matches their vision, and the gratifying sense of reward that is shared when the final group goal is achieved."


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