Professional Outreach Program in the Schools (POPS)

Developed in partnership with the Utah State Legislature and managed by the Utah State Board of Education, POPS connects professional arts organizations’ education programs with schools, teachers and administrators across the state. Our unified goal is to provide critical arts learning experiences with professional artists for students and teachers, an effort that supports the state’s core arts standards, and presents equalized arts education opportunities to all Utah schools. Each of the 10 POPS-funded arts organizations fulfills a mandate to reach Utah’s 42 school districts on a three- to five-year rotation and achieve a 1:1 match of public funding from private sources. As a founding member of POPS and its predecessor initiative over 30 years ago, USUO offers assemblies, concerts, teacher development and relicensure opportunities, mentoring and internships, classroom visits, and cross-disciplinary curriculum offerings. Through our POPS offerings by the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera (we maintain two rotation schedules through all of Utah’s school districts), USUO has reached on average 150,000 K-12 students and 6,500 teachers, roughly 25% of the entire state’s student and teacher populations, in each of the past three years.

POPS models a successful public-private partnership that has industry-wide applications. The consortium provides vital funding and otherwise unavailable unique experiences with professional arts-makers to arts education programs and allows them to have a direct, collective voice for arts education advocacy with the state legislature. As the largest arts organization member, USUO has consistently held a formative role in the program’s development and trajectory, and leads in advocacy for our sister organizations with the Utah State Legislature and Office of Education.

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Symphony and Opera School Concert Rotation Schedules

The Education Department seeks to visit schools on a three to five year rotation. USUO will visit the following areas during 2015-16.



Utah Opera

Utah Symphony

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Check the links below to see where we are in the rotation this year.

Symphony Education Concerts Rotation

Opera Education Concerts Rotation

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