Please support Utah Symphony | Utah Opera’s Education and Community Outreach programs. By donating, you help provide music education core standards experiences often lacking in public education, aid classroom teachers, invest in the future citizens of Utah, enrich your community, and support your USUO. Contact our development department to donate now, at (801) 869-9015, or donate here!

According to US Census data, Utah consistently has the country’s highest percentage of children under 18. Utah has also ranked in the nation’s top three highest student-teacher ratios since at least 2009, and K-12 enrollment has risen on average .5% faster than teacher employment since 2010. These figures point to the need for outside support of our education system to ensure a thriving environment for Utah’s students. USUO’s mission is to lead in arts education; it is our goal to provide critical arts learning experiences and opportunities for students and teachers that present equalized arts education opportunities to all Utah schools.

USUO visits Utah’s 42 school districts on a three- to five-year rotation and has reached on average 150,000 K-12 students and 6,500 teachers, roughly 25% of the entire state’s student and teacher populations, in each of the past three years. USUO’s Education and Outreach programs offer assemblies, concerts, teacher development and relicensure opportunities, mentoring and internships, classroom visits, and cross-disciplinary curriculum offerings. USUO also partners with schools, medical facilities, and families to provide performances free of charge to our neighbors, friends, and relatives with autism, vision impairments, memory loss, and other special needs, serving differently-abled individuals in our community who have fewer opportunities to attend cultural events. In addition, USUO musicians give more than 1,000 hours of instructional time annually to children, averaging almost three hours per day, every day. This makes USUO one of the largest music education providers in the United States.

To pay for the costs of USUO’s Education and Outreach programs, we need to match state funding 1:1 with donations from private sources. Thus we rely on private donations to our programs to address the need of arts educations enhancement in the public schools. Thank you for considering a gift in support of our USUO’s Education and Outreach programs!  


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