Teacher Materials

Symphony Teacher Materials 2018-19

Storytelling in Music- Full Orchestra  Elementary Concerts  

Shakespeare in Music - Full Orchestra Secondary Concert

TBA- Chamber Orchestra Concerts

Elementary Concerts:

  • Concert Preparation PowerPoint
  • Concert Music
  • Composer Biographies
  • Cross-Curricular Lesson Plans/Activities

Secondary Concerts:

  • Concert Preparation
  • Concert Music


TBA - 5th Grade Concerts

The materials for the 2018-19 5th Grade Concerts will be posted by January 14, 2019.

  • Concert Preparation PowerPoint
  • Go West! Music PowerPoint
  • Cross-Curricular Lesson Plans/Activities

General Materials












Archived Symphony Materials

 2014-15 School Concerts:

Teacher Materials for Chamber Orchestra (Elementary) -  What Does Music Say?

Full Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

5th Grade Concerts

 2013-14 School Concerts:

2012-13 School Concerts:

2011-12 School Concerts:

2011-12 5th Grade Concerts in Abravanel Hall:  Petrouchka

2010-11 5th Grade Docent Concerts: Classical Music, Classified

2010-11 Full Orchestra #1 (Elementary): Musical Magic

2010-11 Full Orchestra #2 (Secondary): Music: An Open Book for Imagination

2010-11 Chamber Orchestra A (Elementary): Simple Gifts 

2010-11 Chamber Orchestra B (Secondary): Simple Gifts 

2009-10 5th Grade Concerts at Abravanel Hall: From Sea to Shining Sea

2009-10 Full Orchestra #1 (Secondary): Enigma Variations

2009-10 Full Orchestra #2 (Elementary): March to the Symphony

2009-10 Chamber Orchestra A (Secondary): Classics in Contrast

2009-10 Chamber Orchestra B (Elementary): Music That Makes You Dance

2008-09 Full Orchestra #1 (Secondary): Shakespeare in Music

2008-09 Full Orchestra #2 (Elementary): Weather Ahead

2008-09 Chamber Orchestra A (Secondary): Music Inspired

2008-09 Chamber Orchestra B (Elementary): Peter and the Wolf and More

2008-09 5th Grade Concerts in Abravanel Hall: Musical Tales and Legends

Full Orchestra School Concert

Chamber School Concert

5th Grade Docent Concert

Opera Teacher Materials 2017-18

Introduction to Opera Powerpoint

Ideas for using Magic Flute DVD in the classroom

Who Wants to be an Opera Star? for Elementary Schools

Opera 101 for Secondary Schools

Freeze Frame: The Elixir of Love for Secondary Schools

Opera Up Close for High School Choirs


Supplementary Material for School Assembly Programs

 Videos of Voice Types/Pianist















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